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A Hand Across the Bridge (4m, 6w)

Crossing Lights (2m, 3w)

The Girl with Her Hands in the Sand (2m, 2w)

The Search for Elizabeth Flynn (4m, 4w)

Thirty Minutes or Less (4m, 1w)

Lost in the Crossing (1m, 1w)

The Last Rites of Kyle Wardach (1m, 1w)

Face It (3m, 3w)

The Alice of Ward 13 (4w)

The Call of the Siren (7+m, 5+w)

Turn to Page 48 (2m, 3w, 1 either)

The Beattys of Massachusetts (3m, 3w)

The Phoenix Enlightenment (14+w)

A Life TBD (4m, 4w)

Errs of a Life After (3m, 1w)

In their final year at Sycamore University, a group of friends are scarred by a single night, where they are forced to face what they did, and didn't do.

THE BRIDGE SERIES is a 16-part play cycle, an interweaving of stories and themes, connecting characters as they each move from one stage of life to the next.

When two strangers meet by accident and mysterious connection to each other, they begin to question what's real, and what's perception?

After a Chinese food deliveryman (who’s not even Chinese) finds himself at a murder scene, he is thrust into a media frenzy that could destroy his world.

A young artist, on the verge of personal and financial collapse, has made her life nothing but her work. But what happens when the paint starts to run dry, and reality starts to set in?

A fading cop, an eternal bridesmaid, a troubled couple, and an old man with a secret. One night at a Diner, their paths cross and their lives are changed forever.

A writer with a dark secret recalls life with her controlling husband, and the fatal day that changed everything

When a pair visits a pro-feminist retreat, their idyllic beliefs and methods are put into question when one fellow visitor goes missing.

A young reporter goes in search of Miles Vaughn, a recluse with a rare illness, only to discover more than she bargained for.

Overshadowed by the success of her parents, a young woman moves back home to face the family she had hoped she had left behind.

When an internet ordained minister is asked to give his suicidal neighbor Last Rites, he must find a way to save him and, in the process, save himself.

Due to a clerical error in the afterlife, a man mistakenly survives a car accident. He is therefore given the gift (or curse) of choosing how he’s going to die.

After women’s history is cut from the text books, a teacher is brought to Washington D.C. to try and get it restored. But what place does a white male have defending women’s history? And what will a famous reclusive historian have to say about it?

After five years in a catatonic state, Catherine’s condition is about to change thanks to a new nurse, a conflicted sister, and a crazy patient with ideas of her own in this tragic trip down the rabbit hole.

A play with dance and music, The Night Siren, a superhero by night, dancer by day, attempts to find the driver who runs down a fellow dancer.

A play in 3 parts, in 3 different styles. A man in the middle of a bank robbery, and a woman lost in the middle of nowhere. That’s only the beginning as two once-lovers realize that the most important thing they’ve ever had, and lost, was each other.

© Jonathan G Galvez All rights reserved

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